Welcome to the Erdős WebGraph Server!

In this page you can freely, without any registration,  download a regularly refreshed webgraph, describing the link structure of a constantly increasing subset of the World Wide Web. We refresh the data every week, and present it at the Download page.

The nodes of the graph are domain names, and two nodes, X and Y, are connected by a directed edge X-->Y if there exists a document (URL) under the domain X that hyperlinks to a document (URL) under the domain Y.

Our server is operated jointly by the Institute of Mathematics, Eötvös University, Budapest and Uratim Ltd.


For further information, contact us at info AT web-graph.org.



Eötvös University acknowledges the research support of OTKA CNK 77780, of ERC Advanced Grant 227701 DISCRETECONT, of the European Union and the European Social Fund under the grant agreement no. TÁMOP 4.2.1/B-09/KMR-2010-0003.